March 2013
I was awarded the 2012 Award for the Advancement of Free Software for the creation of IPython and my contributions to the Open Source Scientific Python ecosystem. UC Berkeley also put out a more detailed release.
March 2011
I’ve finally gathered the slides for our minisymposium on Python for Scientific computing at the SIAM CSE 2011 conference (blog post and pictures).
March 2011
The Sage Days 29 workshop was a success on multiple fronts, and in particular for IPython we made a ton of progress.
February 2011
During the 2011 AAAS annual meeting I spoke at a symposium titled The Digitization of Science: Reproducibility and Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer organized by Columbia’s Victoria Stodden. I have put up a short `blog post`_ about the event as well as my slides and an extended abstract.
February 2011
I’m thrilled to have been invited to present the keynote at this year’s EuroScipy conference. I haven’t had a chance yet to attend the European version of the SciPy conferences, so I’m very much looking forward to it.
December 2010
My recent trip to Scipy India 2010 was a very interesting experience; I’m really impressed by the Indian government’s vision with their project. Here are the slides for my invited talk and some general pictures_, but I have yet to write a proper post summarizing things. Stay tuned.
July 2010
Our paper Double dissociation of two cognitive control networks in patients with focal brain lesions is out in PNAS (PDF version).
January 2010
I’m very excited to visit Colombia for a month, to teach an intensive course on scientific computing using Python and a practical, modern and hopefully useful approach. I’ve created a section on Teaching with these materials, including a detailed page on the planned course.
December 2009
Some notes on how to configure InDefero on a shared hosting account to host your own Git repositories for private collaboration (e.g. co-authoring of grants and papers using Git, something you may not want to do on a public site).
November 2009, how this site is built
I’ve added a section with the tools used to build this site, which several people have inquired about.
November 2009, a discussion with Guido van Rossum
At our informal Berkeley Py4Science seminar, the November 4 session was a very interesting discussion with Guido van Rossum, the creator of the Python language. Read more…
September 2009, PyDy
At our meeting series, Luke Peterson from UC Davis gave a very interesting talk on PyDy, a project under the SymPy umbrella to symbolically describe mechanical systems and derive their equations of motion. (video link).
September 2009, decorators
Some notes about decorators for controlling execution from a September 2009 talk at the Berkeley Py4Science group.