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I am a research scientist at the Henry H. Wheeler Jr. Brain Imaging Center at U.C. Berkeley. I work at the interface between high-level scientific computing tools and the mathematical questions that arise in the analysis of neuroimaging data.

I am convinced that we need better tools for scientific computing, and that our efforts to build them based on the Python language can make a significant difference to how scientific research is conducted and disseminated. I created the IPython project while a graduate student in 2001 and continue to lead the project, now as a collaborative effort with a talented team that does all the hard work. I am an active member of the community that creates freely available scientific computing tools around the SciPy stack, I regularly lecture about scientific computing in Python and I am a founding board member of the NumFOCUS foundation. The Py4Science page contains more details on this.

At UC Berkeley, I am involved with a number of efforts to improve the quality of our computational practices as scientists and educators, especially by participating in the bootcamps and courses that Josh Bloom has pioneered on our campus.

You can contact me via email or Twitter.


March 2013
I was awarded the 2012 Award for the Advancement of Free Software for the creation of IPython and my contributions to the Open Source Scientific Python ecosystem. UC Berkeley also put out a more detailed release.
March 2011
I’ve finally gathered the slides for our minisymposium on Python for Scientific computing at the SIAM CSE 2011 conference (blog post and pictures).
March 2011
The Sage Days 29 workshop was a success on multiple fronts, and in particular for IPython we made a ton of progress.

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Fernando Perez

210S Barker Hall
+1 510.397.9337 (voice)
Barker Hall is at the Northwest corner of campus; you’ll need to phone me in advance as our lab requires a keycard for access.
UC Berkeley
Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
132 Barker Hall MC 3190
Berkeley, CA 94720-3190