March 2011, SIAM CSE11
Yet another successful Python mini-symposium at a SIAM CSE meeting organized with Randy LeVeque and Hans-Petter Langtangen. This page has the slides I have so far, including slides for python-focused talks from other minisymposia at the conference.
November 2009, Guido van Rossum at our Py4Science seminar
On November 4, we had a very interesting session with Guido van Rossum, the creator of the Python language. See this page for details.
March 2009, SIAM CSE09
I co-organized another Python mini-symposium at a SIAM meeting, this time the Computational Science and Engineering one. I’ve posted a summary report on my blog, and this page has all the slides I have so far.
June 2008, Python and Sage at the annual SIAM meeting
I have posted the slides I have from the Python/Sage minisymposium at the 2008 SIAM annual meeting.