Fernando Pérez

Fernando Pérez

A brief summary of where I come from… I was born in Medellín, Colombia [*], where I did my undergraduate studies in Physics at the Universidad de Antioquia. From there I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where I completed my PhD in particle physics, before spending a few years as a post-doc in Applied Mathematics. In 2008 I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I now work at UC Berkeley, on research involving algorithms and tool development in neuroimaging.

I am a scientist and a geek, and thus I spend much of my time in front of either the computer or a book. If not there, you may find me climbing (hopefully outdoors!) and probably with a camera. Mostly of interest to friends and family, I keep my pictures online at a picasa album.

I also have a blog, where I mostly post items of interest related to IPython, SciPy and scientific computing in Python. I haven’t been able to really get caught up in the whole blogging thing, so it’s rather sparse. But people tell me it’s useful so I may try to post more, we’ll see…

Photo note: the mountains

The picture at the top is Colorado’s incredible Continental Divide, specifically the Indian Peaks range, shot from Brainard Lake during a beautiful fall day in 2004. On the descent from that hike I spotted a great-looking little couloir that provided for a very nice alpine day one week later. Having that terrain 45 minutes from home is one thing (among many) that makes the Colorado Front Range the most amazing place to live I’ve known.


Fernando Perez

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[*]Yes, it’s spelled like that, with two ‘o’s. Columbia with a ‘u’ is a university in New York City. It’s not that hard: ColOmbia is a cOuntry, ColUmbia is a University.